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AFB International has been a premium distributor and merchandiser of top American consumer goods with over 50 years of combined experience. As a leading distributor, we utilize a proprietary tech platform that empowers brands with a complete and cost-effective logistics, fulfillment, marketing, and sales solution. This enables brands to focus on product research and development.

At AFB, we stock brands that consumers crave, delivering the right products at the right price to the right markets. With a distribution network of chain stores nationwide, our e-commerce platforms, and partner websites, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, and our international partnerships, we sell satisfaction, packaged as the best selection of merchandise goods. Our strategies, plans, and insights are your operational advantage.

At AFB International, we distribute trust through the best products in the industry. Our state of the art distribution warehouse and WMS assure rapid and responsive fulfillment. Where AFB goes, innovation follows.

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Helping keep customers happy is our number one priority. Our domestic distribution is built around providing exceptional accuracy, reliability, and service. Every day the fleet delivers goods to more than 34,000 customers across the United States. Our vast distribution network allows us to keep a balanced inventory so that the products you need are always in stock. We’ll go any distance to make sure you have everything you need. Because we know you do the same for your customers
SAYN, our eCommerce division, is a premier online distributor specializing in Amazon & other emerging online marketplaces. Through our expertise in sales, marketing, logistics, e‑commerce law, and our passion for transforming every consumer we touch into a lifelong customer, we ensure that our brand partners reach their full online sales potential.
The world is full of incredible brands that can benefit our everyday lives. From beauty to food products, AFB  utilizes a selective quality control process to procure international brands and import them into the US. The world is a global marketplace and we do our part to bring everything together.
The export division of AFB represents US brands that rely on us to deliver their companies unique products and experience to consumers internationally. We utilize our proprietary WMS offering a streamlined process. We specialize in export to Canada, South American, and the Caribbean.
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