Diversity and inclusion at AFB International

We are continually looking for ways to further diversify our workforce and strengthen our culture of inclusion. To help bring the best talent into AFB, we recruited from diverse institutions for technical and non-technical roles.
Our definition of inclusion is “being valued, trusted, connected, and informed so that we can deliver the best results for our customers.” We use this definition to guide and improve our team culture to ensure that everyone is able to reach their career potential. We are very proud of our diverse team and all of their accomplishments.

Your skills matter as much as the match between us.

Who are we looking for?

Administrative Coordinator
As every guest's first impression, AFB's Administrative Coordinator is first & foremost - warm, positive & inviting. This individual is quick to jump in and assist anyone who needs it, and takes pride in keeping the office efficient, tidy, organized, and appropriately stocked with smiles & supplies at all times. This position will work cross-functionally with multiple teams throughout the office with an emphasis on creating a welcoming AFB experience.
Content Strategist
You understand the shopper's needs, the brand's needs, and AFB's business needs, and are able to craft clear strategies to match. Your mission is to devise content plans that get to the heart of our products.
Legal Analyst
Someone with experience in IP and trademark law. This position requires assisting our legal team with monitoring and removing unauthorized sellers from our brand pages & marketplaces.
Market Analyst
It's in your nature to translate insight into action and performance. Premium brands understand the need for brand control to ensure that online customers are getting the best experience. Your job is to ensure that strategies are developed, communicated, and executed to ensure positive customer experience that premium brands expect. The combination of data gathering, assessment, education, and coaching will be the formula for success.
Retail Merchandising Analyst
Do you know the retail industry? Are you a team player with a passion for turning retail data into actionable insights? We're looking for knowledgeable Retail Merchandising Analysts well versed in retail analytics to join our growing Brand Strategy team. You'll analyze and manage the profitability strategy for our premium brand partners, be the resident data guru for the brand teams, and play a key part in the way we grow sustainable businesses. You'll work closely with the Brand Management team, and influence decisions by bringing data-based recommendations to the table.
Reverse Logistics Manager
Great opportunity for a new manager looking to advance their career and professional development. AFB's Reverse Logistics Manager will be responsible for overseeing the returns and removals activities in our Miami warehouse. This role will be responsible for ensuring efficient receiving and accurate dispositioning of our products to recover the most value from returned/removed goods while ensuring they do not get put back into new inventory.
Software developer
We are looking for a Software Developer to support our Miami office. You will work closely with our Software Development Manager to bring concepts to fruition in order to drive efficiencies and processes. A Software Developer's responsibilities include; bringing ideas to the table, exploring new technologies, and managing time effectively in order to complete projects on time. To be qualified for this position, you should have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming and be able to clearly communicate with non-developers.