We're all about giving back to the community

AFB International has always stood for a better tomorrow, one where humanity thrives. To us, that means no matter who you are or where you live, you are able to have the support you need and have equal access to opportunities. AFB International, alongside our partners, has assembled some powerful and sustainable options for helping others.  Every AFB International purchase enables us to invest in local partners who are working to create positive change in our communities.

Be the kindness you want to live in!

Healing Hearts was established to make it easier for families experiencing a medical crisis. Finding the right doctor and the most qualified medical hospital for a specific diagnosis can be daunting. Understanding the medical jargon, and navigating through the various treatment options can feel impossible. Healing Hearts provides crucial support during that critical time, with kindness and care. They offer an array.

The Friendship Circle is an organization that provides individuals with special needs and their families support, friendship and inclusion that they deserve. They offer recreational, social, educational and vocational programming. Friendship Circle also provides support to individuals and families struggling with isolation, addiction, and other family-related crises.